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The Fantastic Freewheeler

Molly Felder | August 1, 2023

"Have no fear, the Fantastic Freewheeler is here! Freewheeler, aka 12-year-old Drew Daniels, has a spectacular superpower: He can learn all about something through a single touch! Using his brain boost ability, this kid superhero with cerebral palsy courageously cracks mysteries, fights for what’s right, and solves problems big and small. Young readers will snap up this exciting full-color graphic novel series that’s packed with humor, spunk, and whole lot of heart."

Includes four titles in the series:

Stories to Scare Your Socks Off!

Laurie S. Sutton, Benjamin Harper, Megan Atwood, and Michael Dahl | August 1, 2023

"BEWARE… This series will SCARE YOUR SOCKS OFF! Each book has eight stories focused on a single, spine-chilling theme: zombies, monsters, ghosts, sorcery, and more. With fast-paced text and nightmare-inducing illustrations, young and old horror fans alike will enjoy reading (and reading aloud) these terrifying tales at sleepovers, campouts, Halloween, or anytime. Featuring four scream-worthy horror writers—including bestselling author Michael Dahl—these story collections are must-haves for young readers in need of a spook."

Includes four titles in the series:

Girls Survive Graphic Novels

Barbara Perez Marquez, Ailynn Collins, Julie Gilbert, and Amy Rubinate | August 1, 2023

"Girls Survive is now graphic! Experience history's most fearsome events—from fires to flooding—through the eyes of young heroines who are at the heart of the survival action. These historical fiction graphic novels show how girls fought for their survival during times of both tragedy and triumph, drawing readers in with strong characters and action-packed panelled illustrations. Girls Survive Graphic Novels reveal moments of history with stories of girls with grit!"

Includes four titles in the series:

The Adventures of Batgirl and Supergirl

Jay Albee, Laurie S. Sutton | August 1, 2023

"Batgirl and Supergirl are here to save the day! In this thrilling, full-color illustrated chapter book series, the two DC Super Heroes friends team up to take down sinister Super-Villains, foil evil plots, and fight for justice. Bursting with exciting action that celebrates friendship and teamwork, young readers will cheer for these girl-power adventures."

Includes four titles in the series:

Essie and the March on Selma: A Bloody Sunday Survival Story

Anitra Butler-Ngugi | August 1, 2023

"Twelve-year-old Essie believes that Black people should be allowed to vote, and she's willing to march for that right. On Sunday, March 7, 1965, she puts on her best dress to join protesters as they plan to visit the governor in Montgomery, Alabama. But as the 600 marchers approach the Edmund Pettis bridge in Selma, they are stopped by state troopers. Can Essie survive blows, tear gas, and being sprayed with a water hose to continue her fight for voting rights?"

Claudia in the Storm: A Hurricane Katrina Survival Story

 Denise Walter McConduit | August 1, 2023

"With Hurricane Katrina on track to hit New Orleans, twelve-year-old Claudia and her family are preparing to weather the storm. But nothing can prepare them for the awful flooding that occurs when the levees that surround the city fail. Even worse, after a chaotic helicopter evacuation, Claudia and her younger sister become separated from the rest of their family. Now it is up to Claudia to protect and comfort her sister through the tragedy."

Looks Like Me!

 Sang Vo | August 1, 2023

"A young girl and her Pop-Pop spend the day in the wood shop creating special dolls for her friends. Each doll showcases the beautifully unique way everyone is different—from skin color to body shape— because being who you are is worth celebrating!"

I Fell Into a Fairy Tale! 

Mari Bolte, Katie Schenkel, and Jasmine Walls | January 1, 2023

"What would you do if you fell into a fairy tale? Immediately try to get back home? Sit with wildlife and sing? Follow orders without question? Join the adventures of kids who find themselves in fantasy worlds with some of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time, including Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and more! In trying to get back to reality, the contemporary protagonists will do what they can to make the traditional stories more inclusive and modern in these untraditional graphic novels. How will seeing things from a new perspective change the land of Once Upon a Time?"

Includes four titles in the series:

Flor Fights Back: A Stonewall Riots Survival Story

 Joy Michael Ellison | January 1, 2023

"After Flor's mother dies in early 1969, she is left with her grandmother who refuses to accept Flor's identity as a trans girl. Flor decides that in order to be true to herself, she must leave home. She makes friends with Tami, a trans teenager, and the two girls meet adults who help them make their way in the queer and trans community of New York City. Invited to meet up with some new friends, the girls sneak into the Stonewall Inn on a night that leads to a police raid and violence. Will Flor escape the riot and continue her fight to live as she is?"

Fumiko and a Tokyo Tragedy: A Great Kanto Earthquake Survival Story

 Susan Griner | January 1, 2023

"12-year-old Fumiko is fascinated by the Moga girls, modern young women with short hair and casual dresses who are making their way in 1920s Tokyo. Her parents, however, expect a traditional life for her. But none of that matters when the Great Kanto Earthquake strikes the city on September 1, 1923. Can Fumiko withstand the fires and confusion that follow the shaking earth, and how will the tragedy change her future?"

The Baby and Me

 Christianne Jones | January 1, 2023

"Celebrate what it means to be an older sibling with this joyful and colorful board book! Watch as an older sibling’s funny faces make the baby laugh. Look on as tummy time becomes a sweet way to connect with the new baby. Enjoy the many ways love is shown in The Baby and Me."

Blue Skies and Golden Fields: Celebrating Ukraine

Oksana Lushchevska | August 31, 2022

"A loving portrait of a country currently in conflict, this book explains the geography, history, and culture of Ukraine, including its current war with Russia. Large full-color pictures are included. The tone is upbeat and cheerful, even when writing about difficult topics." 

–Chance Lee Joyner, School Library Journal


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