Using my experience as an author, scholar, publisher and teacher, I can support you in your own endeavors.

Brainstorm, plan, research, and chat with me.

In consultations, I'll give you some resources and support for questions like:

  • How do I get published?

  • How do I find a profession in publishing?

  • I have a book idea, now what?

  • I want to stock my classroom/library/ bookshelf with good books...what are they and where do I get them?

Ensure your work is as respectful and accurate as possible.

Sensitivity reading, or diversity reading, is a process in which a trained sensitivity reader edits your work to ensure your language and content around marginalized communities is as respectful and accurate as possible.

I will review your manuscript and recommend edits if able. I can also refer you to a wider network of other sensitivity readers!

Continue learning with me as an educator, writer, and book lover.

I teach adults and children, providing:

  • Creative writing instruction for all ages

  • Lectures for adults on childhood and children's literature

  • Book reviews

Make your project the best it can be.

I edit all kinds of work, providing developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading for:

  • Fiction/Nonfiction

  • Poetry/Prose

  • Children's, middle grade, young adult, and adult manuscripts

  • Academic writing for publication

  • Theses/Dissertations